KOTR Bear Back

Battle Rap’s greatest beef? KOTR: Bear Back preview

In the month of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand and fifteen, the rivers of London will run salty with disrespect as the world’s most respected, least respectful battle league returns to Acton. This is King of the Ronalds, and we’re going in Bear Back.

At a time when other battle leagues try desperately to regain past glories, KOTR moves, as always, towards the future of battle rap. Bear Back showcases hand-picked, home grown talent from promising newcomers like Teknico, 142, Defenin and the ever-controversial Murta.

8 Mile for the Promo Era

One battle, however, looms over this entire event like the shadow of death. Mac Sherry vs Micky Worthless, perhaps the most storied beef in the modern culture. Mac Sherry, battle rap’s Naruto, stepping up to confront the man who rained off his battle with Bombshell, the tyrannical heel figure of Mister Worthless.

Of course, Mac has had some dues to pay. After a series of ropey early battles he thought he found solace in the seedy underbelly that is King of the Ronalds, only to be used as a whipping boy for Reelapse. He became the battle rapper who might have cried, unlike Cracker, who definitely cried.

Nevertheless he refused to give up, and KOTR rewarded this courage with more battles, leading up to his coming of age performance against EMC, as seen on the Dirtbag Dan Show. Mac is the epitome of the underdog character, on the one stage in battle rap where anything can happen. King of the Ronalds made Mac Sherry

Or did he? Battle rap thrives on controversy. Anyone who’s been paying attention this last week knows this. With the business driven solely by YouTube views, the cheap promo available to leagues when battlers melt down is always going to get exploited.

Whether Mac Sherry cried or not isn’t important. Mac Sherry cried, and that makes people watch his battle with Reelapse, now a firm KOTR crowd favourite. Mac Sherry flipped over a table, more drama¬†surrounding the enigmatic Queen of the Ronalds, Bombshell.

The KOTR ethos demands this kind of mayhem, and those who partake in it have been instrumental in helping form the league.

Did King of the Ronalds make Mac Sherry? Or did Mac Sherry make King of the Ronalds?

The only way this gets settled is May 2nd, man to man in Acton. Mac Sherry battles the end of level boss, Micky Worthless in the culmination of the MC battle culture’s most epic saga.

Buy your tickets now and be a part of the war between good and evil. You can’t copy disrespect. Nobody is above boyment.

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