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KOTR: Going Ham in Skaterham event review

The dictionary defines disrespect as ‘a lack of respect or courtesy.’ Synonyms include mockery, scorn and opprobrium…

…Actually I have no idea where I was going with that. Sorry. I’m Bard, here’s a recap of the last KOTR event in Caterham.

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Britain Last: Event review

With a last-minute venue upgrade bringing the party to the Good Ship on Kilburn High Road, King of the Ronalds kicked off 2015 the only way we know how with Britain Last. A solid card, the event promised to bring fans back to the cowboy days of battle events which were at once intimate and raucous. With the likes of Cruger, Soljitsu, Danny Jaqq, Willzy and promising newcomer Smart Alex in the audience it was all but assured that the true essence of UK battle rap would be properly observed… whatever that means.

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